A lot of new stuff in SEO

There is a lot of new stuff in SEO, somehow hard to keep up with. And Google has not even rolled out a Panda refresh for a month and a half, as Matt Cutts said. Apparently, Panda is being run once a month and rolling out slowly over the period of 10 days.

So what’s the new stuff in SEO?

Matt Cutts released a new video with updates to manual webspam actions. The news is that Google starts including example links in its messages to webmasters who have to deal with penalties. So watch this video carefully. Relevant stuff for those webmasters who have already received Big G’s “love letter” – or will receive it… For sure, many people will find those examples very helpful.



Want more new stuff in SEO?

Google is also testing a new structured data tool which allows webmasters to report structured data errors. Structured data is going to be increasingly important, and guess why? Because Google is using this kind of data more and more for its search results. Therefore, optimizing structured data is something to consider as part of a SEO strategy.


A lot of new stuff in SEO


It looks like Google provides more and more tools in this area. You may have heard about Google’s Data Highlighter supporting 8 types of structured data: events, products, local businesses, articles, software applications, movies, restaurants and TV episodes. Or, what about the Structured Data Markup Helper
showing exactly what microdata annotations to add to the page’s HTML code? Feel free to check out the
linked sites.


Next, we will talk about the major announcement Google has made about the ranking changes for mobile content. There is a lot more new stuff in SEO coming soon. Stay ahead of the game, stay tuned!




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