5 Tips to Avoid Christmas Stress

Are you in Christmas stress these days filled with rush and hurry, cooking and baking, buying presents, sending out invitations? Well, it’s Christmas time again…


For most people, this is a fun time of year, filled with happiness and joy. And I really hope you too belong to the happy folks who love and enjoy Christmas. For many however, Christmas time is filled with stress, sadness, overwhelm and anxiety.

Let’s take a look at what are the


Causes of Christmas stress

Christmas stress can be a result of expecting too much from this time of the year, of financial issues or of trying to please everyone. And just like what makes you feel happy or sad, what makes you feel stressed is your personal perception in that situation, and it may not necessarily affect another person.

5 Tips to avoid Christmas stress

Trying to get all things done and find a balance between shopping, celebrations, family, friends and guests, is hard work that can result in overwhelm and stress. Both of them, overwhelm and stress, can lead to depression.
Some people who don’t consider themselves as depressed may suffer from headeaches, insomnia or over-eating, just to name a few.


Avoid Christmas stress


Here are the 5 tips on how to avoid Christmas stress:

1. Take it as it comes:
Do you remember those greeting cards with the ideal happy family, where everyone is smiling, happy and full of love? If you try to model them at home and compare your festivities to them, yours always will come up short. Just let it go and take it as it comes.


2. Do not set your expectations too high
Don’t expect too much from those around you and don’t try to be the super-mum or super-dad either. Your family and friends are individuals with their own view on and own feelings about Christmas. There is no need to let Christmas stress come up because of expectations set too high.

3. Try to do something different
If you don’t feel like inviting family and friends at your home and spend hours and days
on buying and preparing food, just don’t do it. Speak to them and make them understand that
you’d love to have Christmas dinner at a restaurant – why not?! You can do something different.

4. Don’t stick to Christmas tradition out of “tradition” 
What if you don’t have your house cleaned up and no lights on the roof?
What if you don’t want to follow the usual Christmas tradition this year?
What happens if you celebrate with your family only and don’t invite anyone else?
You’ll see, nothing bad happens.

5. Allow yourself a break
Allow yourself a break when you need it. That’s much more important than all the
have-tos. You can go on with your work and be more efficient when you’re relaxed.
Be sure, you’ll find all the work still there… later. And forget about all the unimportant things.


Hopefully, these 5 tips will help you avoid Christmas stress, overwhelm and headeaches.


Merry Christmas without Christmas stress


With that said, this was the last article for 2015.

Another year will soon be over and a new year will begin.


I’d like to thank you for being here with me throughout the year and reading my articles.


Merry Christmas, may you all have a peaceful Christmas without overwhelm and headaches. God bless you all.


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