4 Tips to A Balanced Life

4 tips to a balanced lifeLiving a balanced life – most people dream about that. Do you? Well, let’s face the reality. Most people simply don’t have the financial freedom that would allow them
to live a balanced life, won’t you agree?

Some of you are caught in a 9 to 5 job working in something you don’t really like. Some of you have
more than one job to make a living. Some others
are self-employed, trying to work 24/7 just to get their business up and running, to get out of debt or any other miserable situation. As long as your biggest goal is to make a living there is no way to make the dream of a balanced life come true.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule: some of you may have been lucky enough to get a bigger piece of the pie and are doing pretty well.

The transition to a balanced life

These days, many of you might seek help from work-life balance coaches to find a solution that leads to a balanced life. But let me be very clear on this: there is no one solution, no push button, and everything moves in the right direction. It takes time and many, many small steps to get there.

It’s up to you to keep the balance

Some people are married to their work.  They identify with the company they work for or with their business. Are you one of them? Some others identify with the personal life including family, children, religion, etc. To keep the balance means that all these identities must be in alignment. That’s what is referred to as a balanced work-life situation. In reality, for most people these identities do not align. This results in conflicts, stress and an unbalanced life.

4 Tips to reclaim control and keep the balance in your life

  1. Value your time
    Be it at work or at home, create a daily to-do list. Take advantage of the options you have like working at home or working flex hours. Use the new media for your work and delegate activities you cannot do or don’t like to do. Do what’s necessary and, if possible, let the rest go.
  2. Leave work at work
    Separate your work time from your personal time and don’t take your work “home”. Your loved ones will appreciate that!
  3. Learn to say NO and practice it
    Don’t stay longer hours than necessary at work. Seek for help from other staff members if you need it to get things done. There will be more that one opportunity to give back.
  4. Nurture your body, nurture your soul
    In work only, you cannot find fulfillment. Nurture your body, nurture your soul. If you like dancing, exercising, reading, listening to music – do it.  Find things you can enjoy with your family, with your friends.

There are many small steps in these 4 tips. Take a closer look at them and try to implement as many as you can to start living a more balanced life. It’s well worth the work!

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